Henry Mooney


Professor Mooney has a Master's Degree in Sustainable Development focusing in Renewable Energy Development from the University of Stellenbosch, in South Africa and...

Miguel A. Cardenas Ph.D.

President of San Diego Global Knowledge University.

Miguel A. Cardenas, Ph.D. is Founder and President of San Diego Global Knowledge University. Dr. Cardenas is a graduate of San Diego State University,

Miguel A. Cardenas, Jr. Ph.D.

Chief Academic Officer

Dr. Cardenas, Jr. is Chief Academic Officer at SDGKU. His responsibilities include faculty and student academic review, acadmic assessment...

Sergio Inzunza Soberanes, Ph.D.


Dr. Inzunza is a Full Stack Development Immersive professor at SDGKU. He has more than four years of experience teaching software development and software engineering courses for bachelors-level students...

Andres Mejia, Ph.D.


Dr. Mejía is professor of the SDGKU Full Stack Development program. His responsibilities include course planning, curriculum design, and course lectures...

Antonio Rosas, J.D.


His experiences include teaching paralegals, being on defense legal teams for death penalty cases, researching and writing court documents for civil and criminal defense cases...

Dennis Briscoe, Ph.D.


He is Professor Emeritus of International Management at the University of San Diego and former Associate Director of the John M. Ahlers Center for International Business...

R. Daniel Israel, Ed.D.


He has developed “Leadership Narrative Analysis”, a research method designed to determine leadership quotient for organizations by clarifying...