President’s Message

Greetings visitors and friends!

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you to San Diego Global Knowledge University, also known as “SDGKU”.

Our unique and pioneering mission is to offer educational programs that help students develop global skills and competencies to advance their careers. In particular, our students will acquire a “global competency” (competency with global knowledge) through a “dual curriculum” (academic and competency-based) focusing on topics of international relevance and the global system.

SDGKU’s video-based, multi-modal instructional approach makes it possible for you to pursue your higher education with maximum flexibility of time and location anywhere in the world. Room and desktop videoconferencing provide valuable live (synchronous) video and voice communication between learners and instructors globally.

SDGKU also provides international business development and networking services to organizations interested in expanding their markets and opportunities, leveraging the broad outreach of the ITC-GKNET collaboration network of member organizations and associates around the world.

Our distinguished faculty/instructors and staff are ready to help you take a leap towards a new world of learning, expectations and achievement.

I invite you to join us and discover SDGKU as the key to your success!

Miguel A. Cardenas, Ph.D.