Distance Activity Consultant

This course is designed to develop globally competent professionals of "distance activity consulting" and networked collaboration, capable of performing with world-class standards in education, business, government

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6 Months


Beatriz Escobedo
Director of Student Services


Distance Activity Consultant (DACON 101-113)


This course is designed to develop globally competent professionals of “distance activity consulting” and networked collaboration, capable of performing with world-class standards in education, business, government and civil society (social, political and other non-governmental organizations). Its interdisciplinary competency-based curriculum was developed based on the premise that students enrolled will have diverse academic and professional backgrounds. The central theme of the program is a unique proprietary conceptual framework called DACON (Distance Activity Consulting) as a Global Competency.

DACON global competency includes various key skill and knowledge areas related to methodology, optimization of modality, media and technology, performance and knowledge, all placed within a global systems conceptual framework. Being able to perform under DACON standards will give you and your organization a platform for continuous improvement and a clear path towards global competitiveness.

DACON is a third level competency crucial for globally competitive distance activity professionals, requiring previous mastery of DAC and DAI competencies.

Course Syllabus
Access and review the course syllabus for this course.

DACON 101: Consultant Competency Manuals
Students are exposed right away to basic publications that form the theoretical foundation for this course. This includes a basic manual for Distance Activity Consultant a guide for certification in this global competency, and the standards of competence that each student must acquire throughout this course.

DACON 102: Leadership in a Changing World: The Challenge of Disruption
The world continues to become more complex and unpredictable at all levels of our globalized society. We all need to adapt, re-invent and grow in a never ending environment of change that engulfs us all. The constant challenge is now having to deal with discontinuity and disruption.

“Disrupt or be disrupted” has become almost a slogan for all strategies and tactics that are deployed by successful leaders in organizations, networks and associations that seek results and sustainability in today’s highly erratic environment.

This timely videoconference will review the leading factors of change that we all face today in education, business, government and civil society, the level of disruption these generate, the strategies that successful leaders must now implement, and the skills and competencies that have to be developed at all levels to insure continuity and sustainable performance. The distinguished invited speaker will present his views and suggestions on the topic based on his ample academic and consulting experience. Decision-makers must now act with firm vision of a disruptive future which if managed appropriately will open a new world of opportunity, but with the perils of the unknown if they do not learn how to anticipate drastic change and the new risks ahead.

DACON 103: Workforce 2020
Fundamental changes in demographics, technology and markets are altering the dynamics of the workforce and the workplace worldwide. Anticipating the characteristics and needs of our future human resources and the way work will be understood, valued and rewarded will be an essential task for educators, entrepreneurs, managers and government leaders as we enter the third millennium. Being able to operate, adjust, reorganize and invest in a workforce that has the skills and flexibility required by the increasing demands of a global economy and rapidly changing technology will be the key competitive asset of successful organizations, communities and nations.

DACON 104: The Global Communications Net
The convergence of digital electronics and telecommunications has produced a global communications network supported by mega investments in satellites, microwave and cable systems, fueled by the recent privatization of government-owned monopolies in more than fifty nations around the world. The Internet and World Wide Web are, of course, important components of this often-invisible global infrastructure, which is fast becoming accessible to all types of organizations and sectors of society.

This motivating videoconference will present a report on the progress and setbacks in expanding this “Meganet” to everyone on earth. The distinguished invited speakers will examine not only the specific products, services, and benefits that have emanated, such as toll-free numbers and credit cards, but also the negatives such as invasion of privacy, management and control issues (such as the Y-2K or year 2000 problem), technology abuse and cultural impacts. A futuristic perspective will also be proposed, describing the likely players in this exploding industry that is bringing true globalization to all.

DACON 105: ETK Performance for Global Competitiveness: Applications and Strategy
The world continues to evolve with globally-driven “social networks” powered via the Internet and communications technologies in general. We must all re-invent our traditional protocols and synchronize our aspirations to the new realities of a globally interconnected environment with major issues of ethics, confidentiality, privacy rights, security and cultural values. The ETK systems model proposed by Miguel A. Cardenas provides a practical framework to be able to focus on emotional, technology and knowledge competencies and performance that will make us all more globally competitive and successful.

This exciting videoconference will discuss the ETK performance approach and ways in which globally successful organizations deal with the basic challenges of diversity and generational change, technology integration and management, and knowledge acquisition, retention, protection and sharing. The exceptional invited speaker will elaborate on the issue of achievement in a networked environment, and the latest developments of the powerful human networks that now engulf our lives. His call is for the urgent adoption of a balanced ETK strategy that can facilitate our constant need for change, adaptation, learning and synchronization to our intensely dynamic and changing world.

DACON 106: Innovation, Technology-Transfer and the Global Market
Our ability to link innovation and new technology with the increasingly dynamic global markets will be one of the crucial pillars for success in the third millennium. The transfer and adaptation process of technology, as well as its management, must now be based on visionary but practical objectives that are congruent with the socio-economic and cultural realities of the target market. In the years to come, the capacity of organizations to continuously innovate and enrich their products and services will be an essential ingredient for competitiveness and survival. Directly accessing the sources of innovation (particularly in the industrialized nations) at the lowest possible cost will thus become a key element for education, business and government in the future.

This strategic videoconference will review some of the current issues involved in international technology transfer, particularly the integration of technical and commercial objectives, the organizational and financial factors usually encountered, the research, specialized information and networking required, as well as the training and management policies that must be implemented to integrate this function into our normal business operations. The distinguished invited speakers will also discuss the new realities of global markets, their trends in terms of access, consumption potential, competitiveness, and political/cultural factors, the role of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) in capacity building for international trade and investment, and the importance of negotiation and dialogue.

DACON 107: Visioning through Scenarios and Intuition
One of the basic reasons to think about the future is to prepare for change. Our prosperity in the third millennium will be at serious risk if we don’t systematize and enrich this futuristic process as individuals, organizations and communities. A widely used technique today, visioning through scenarios, was first proposed by M. Mesarovic and E. Pestel of the Club of Rome (Mankind at the Turning Point: The Second Report to the Club of Rome, Reader’s Digest Press) in 1971 as an approach to systematically identify and evaluate alternative future possibilities. Visioning is not equivalent to simply projecting or miraculously predicting. It should be a continuous process that will help us adapt and evolve in an increasingly complex global reality. It will be a test for our survival.

This strategic videoconference will review the basic concepts of visioning, and will present the methodology and techniques for scenario development and analysis. The invited speakers will also propose basic rules of how to think like a futurist, and the role intuition and foresight can play in strengthening our capacity to envision and create our preferred futures.

DACON 108: Innovation and Happiness in a World: The Renaissance of Individuality and Communication
Various studies have confirmed that in many countries people’s trust in major businesses, government, organized religion and other traditional institutions have declined significantly since the 1960’s, and that this is a long-term trend. This is not an ideological issue, but rather the result of people trusting their own views more as social and collaborative networks and the electronic global village increasingly have generated a horizontal dialogue that now connects suppliers, producers and consumers directly.

This exciting videoconference will review the characteristics and impact of this so-called “Renaissance” of individuality and growth in direct influence of people through networks rather than organizational structures. The invited speaker will present views and recommendations on this important topic based on his ample research and practical professional experiences. He will analyze the impact of the growing individuality, innovation and ever more complex social environment on our concept of happiness within the new networked world, and the issues and benefits of effective communication across cultures and generations.

DACON 109: Quality and Value in the New Millennium
The traditional measures of productivity that have been rooted in an Industrial Age mind-set will be giving in to many new forms of value that will maximize future quality and client satisfaction as we enter the third millennium. Today’s products and services are mainly designed to meet physical needs, to increase comfort, or to save time. In the future, more products and services will be designed to also meet our emotional and spiritual goals. Other innovations will have to be adopted by education, business and government to generate increased value and win competitive advantage in a new multicultural society that increasingly will automate information tasks and commercialize feelings.

DACON 110: Forum Participation
The Forum is an electronic board that facilitates the interaction via written dialogue with other students of this course, creating a community of shared learning. In this segment you are required to add to the Forum of this course one or more constructive reflections (criticisms are not allowed) in response to a message posted by another student or as a new message posted by you.

DACON 111: Competency Exam
The student must take and approve this test in order to advance to the Action Plan

DACON 112: Action Plan
Develop and report a DACON action plan per given instructions.

DACON 113: Practical Project Report
Report on the experience and results of a practical (real) Distance Activity Consulting (DACON) initiative or project per given instructions.
If a Credit grade is obtained, the student is recommended to obtain the DACON global competency certification.