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Certificate, bachelors and masters degrees focused on building your global knowledge and skills.

Global Competency Certifications

Professional certifications that teach you how to work remotely, become a better decision-maker, and expand your global perspective.


Nationally accredited and CA State approved institution of higher learning.


Established in 2007, we provide easily accessible, networked, and competency-oriented professional education on a global scale.

Teaching Philosophy

Integrating an academic curriculum design with evidence-based skill development.

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Learn online using your student portal to access courses and library resources.

Our Programs

San Diego Global Knowledge University offers Academic programs and courses & Global Competency Certifications


B.S. Global Management

The program is designed to develop competent global managers

Full Stack Development Immersive (FSDI)

The Full Stack Development Immersive is designed to take

M.S. Communication and Technology

M.S. Communication and Technology (MSCT) Description This Master of Science program is designed

M.S. International Management

M.S. International Management (MSIM) Description This Master of Science program is designed to

International Managerial Leadership

This course is designed to develop globally competent "international

ITC Annual Series Diploma

The new realities of the world require individuals, organizations,

Distance Activity Coordinator

This course is designed to develop globally competent professionals

Integrating global theory with practice.


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