Frequently Asked Questions

Q. -Who should participate in SDGKU’s programs?
A. -Anyone interested in globally-relevant educational programs and courses that would like to acquire global knowledge and competency to enrich their professional careers and personal development.

Q. -What is unique about the online instructional programs at SDGKU?
A. -SDGKU programs offer the student synchronized use of broadcast quality multimedia such as pre-produced video, audio and electronic text, with flexible and multi-lingual individualized instruction, assessment and feedback.

Q. -Do SDGKU students need high-speed (broadband) Internet to access its Learning Management Systems?
A. -Yes, you must have an active Internet connection with high-speed (Broadband) Internet access, such as DSL, cable, T-1, or ISDN is recommended for best performance. All SDGKU videos are also encoded and made available for convenience to the user at lower speeds down to 54 kbps. However, lower modem speeds than this may not play the videos.

Q. -What is the estimated study/work load per week for a student once enrolled in an Academic program at SDGKU?
A. -The study/work load per week is 18 hours in addition to 9 hours of instructional time.

Q. -Are programs at SDGKU offered 100% online?
A. -Yes, all programs are offered 100% online, yet in the future students may request to take a program in hybrid or in-classroom settings.

Q. -Is there an English-language requirement to enter and graduate from an SDGKU Bachelors or Masters program?
A. -Yes; non-native English speaking students must obtain 550 points in the academic Toefl exam or pass a competency-based exam administered by SDGKU.

Q. -Do students have access to the student portal and website at all times?
A. -Yes, our student portal and website are available 24/7 for students to access conveniently from anywhere in the world, thus providing a virtual classroom with a global outreach.

Q. -What is the academic structure of each course in the SDGKU Bachelors and Masters programs?
A. -Each course is 5 weeks in duration and 3 academic semester equivalent credits. Students use the SDGKU learning management systems and other multimedia to access course materials that facilitate the learning process.