SDGKU Videos


Alumni Spotlight: Kevin Cruz’s Success Story in Fronted Development

View San Diego Global Knowledge University’s recording of a seminar presented by our distinguished FSDI alumnus Kevin Cruz, where he kindly shares his path to success as a full stack developer after completing our coding program.

Mental Health in the Workplace: Acute Distress and Suicide Prevention Strategies.

The a look at San Diego Global Knowledge University’s recording of the recent seminar presented by Dr. Caroline Cardenas, psychologist, oncology certified nurse, and SDGKU Student Advisor and Counselor.

Introduction to International Training Center (ITC): A Community Resource for SDGKU

SDGKU is an organizational member of the global network led by the International Training Center (ITC), a strategic community resource that enriches the SDGKU instructional curricula with its robust catalog of educational and competency building videos on topics related to productivity and global competitiveness.

SDGKU Downtown Campus Inauguration 

San Diego Global Knowledge University Inauguration and Art Exhibit – This is the official video of the SDGKU administrative office inauguration held on June 19, 2015 in the East Village of Downtown San Diego, CA, USA.

Henry Mooney & Dan Israel – Global Dynamics & Challenges of Water and Energy: Technology and Mgmt.

Life in our planet is not sustainable without water and energy. Throughout history human settlements have always thrived when located contiguous to bodies of water such as oceans, rivers and lakes. Increasingly, access to these resources has become limited and scarce, and technology now plays a major role in their development and responsible use.

Dr. Peter Andersen – Health and the Environment: Productive Resources with Shared Responsibility

Health and the environment are fragile resources we must all protect in our shared responsibility with planet Earth. At the same time, they can be the most strategic productive resources we can develop and sustain in our globalized society. Our organizations, communities and nations must now place sustainability at the top of all our priorities.

Thomas Hoffman – Organizational Visioning and Culture: Changing Mindsets and Values to our New Global Reality

Organizations must now go beyond traditional leadership and managerial education and training programs to achieve change and performance goals in today’s new world of cultural interactions and global networking. Decision-makers and workers need to internalize and truly believe in the good of their vision, mission and strategies in order to lead and promote change in their organizations and communities.

Dan Isreal – Organizational Visioning and Culture

Mindfulness and values are now essential elements that must be aligned or synchronized to the globalized reality we all face now. The human/emotional dimension is increasingly the foundation for sustained performance and achievement in education, business, government and civil society.

Dennis Briscoe – The New Long-Term Organization: Characteristics, Leadership and Strategies

A disruptive environment of surprises and challenges seems to be the new norm within which individuals, organizations, communities and nations must operate and survive. Our networked society now and in the future will only accentuate changes and interactions on a global scale.

Dennis Briscoe – Interview “Everything has changed: “Learning to Thrive on Transformation”

This is a short Q and A with Dr. Briscoe following the program broadcast of “The New Long-Term Organization: Characteristics, Leadership and Strategies”.

Brian Spitzberg – Communication Competence in an Increasingly Stressful Workplace

Our workplace is a reflection of society. It is an increasingly globalized and multigenerational environment with opportunities and challenges led by growing human networks and knowledge workers supported by robust information and telecommunication networks that give us access to distance collaboration like never before. A direct product of this new reality is the increased stress and anxiety at all levels of the organization. Our new world of global competition, displacement, violence and income inequalities contributes to this trend.

Alan Sweedler / Daniel Israel – Global Climate Change and Productivity

This videoconference presents an overview of the realities of water and energy dynamics, supply and demand in the world today, current quantity and quality issues, future scenarios, markets, their strategic nature, technologies and responsible management. The distinguished invited speakers will present their views and perspectives on the challenges and opportunities that we should all consider as these resources become increasingly valuable for society in the years ahead.