Admission Requirements

Application for Admission

If you are interested in enroling as a student at SDGKU, please complete and sign the Application Form for Admissions:

Download Application for Admission

Applicants must attach the completed form to an email with the subject line stating “New Student Application for Admissions” and send to

You will receive a confirmation email from SDGKU with instructions on how to proceed with your registration and enrollment within 7 working days of the day you emailed your application.

If you are applying for an academic program, such as a bachelors a masters, the Application Form for Admission requires you to submit a “Statement of Purpose” that clearly explains why you desire to enroll at SDGKU and the benefits you expect in your personal and/or professional life from studying at SDGKU. Please make sure to limit the length of your statement to 100 words.

If you are applying for a non-degree program a statement of purpose is not mandatory, however it is recommended.

GMAT exam results are considered as an admissions criterion for applicants to the Master of Science in International Management (MSIM) program.

Please read the admission requirements below to begin gathering the information that will be requested during the enrollment process.


Financial Aid Application

If you are planning to use US Department of Education federal financial aid to pay for your programs, please complete and submit the Financial Aid Application for Admission:

Download Financial Aid Application for Admission

Note: SDGKU reserves the right to accept or reject any application form.



For Bachelors and Masters degree applicants, please submit to SDGKU by mail all original Transcript(s) of Academic Records from the school(s) that you have attended and earned academic credits from. Non-degree program applicants are required to submit their unofficial high school transcripts or diploma or unofficial university transcripts.

  • Bachelors and non-degree programs applicants should submit their official high school transcripts or GED.
  • Masters programs applicants should submit transcripts from the university that issued their undergraduate degree.

A scanned copy of these documents will be requested during the admissions process.

Originals of all Transcript(s) of Academic Records in a sealed envelope should be sent directly to the following address:

San Diego Global Knowledge University
Attention: Registrar
1095 K Street, Suite B
San Diego, CA, 92101

You will not be able to proceed to the enrollment phase of the admisison process until SDGKU has received and approved your original Transcript(s) of Academic Records.

Transcript(s) of Academic Records as well as all other admission documents submitted to SDGKU will be kept permanently by SDGKU and will not be returned to the student at anytime during or after their program(s) of study.


Personal Identification Document

As part of the admissions process all applicants must submit via email to SDGKU at a scanned copy of one of the following personal identification documents:

  • Passport
  • Driver’s license
  • Citizenship or residency card
  • Birth certificate

Curriculum Vitae/Resume

All applicants must submit via email to SDGKU at a their curriculum vitae/resume in Microsoft Word or PDF format.

Please limit the length of the document to 3 pages


Color Photo

Submit via email to SDGKU at a digital color photo. Photos must meet the following requirements:

Content: Please crop the photo to be your headshot only. No sunglasses of any type are permitted; prescription eyewear is aceptable.

Picture format:

  • .png
  • .jpg
  • .gif

English Language Proficiency Certification

Degree program applicants that are non-native of an English speaking country are required to provide evidence one of the following english language proficiency certifications:

  • A minimum score of 550 points in the international TOEFL exam
  • Mastery of ELPW Level 2 for bachelors applicants
  • Mastery of ELPW Level 3 for masters applicants

New Student Enrollment Agreement

In the enrollment phase of the application process, all applicants must complete and return via email to SDGKU at the New Student Enrollment Agreement (NSEA) for their respective program or course. This document establishes students as enrolled in the university, describing important university policies, program costs (tuition and fees), start and completion dates, as well as general responsibilities as agreed upon between the student and university. Once a NSEA is signed and returned by the applicant, an Official Admission Letter is sent by SDGKU to the applicant.


Choose Your Modality

San Diego Global Knowledge University offers all of its programs in the 100% online modality. This means you can study remotely from anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection!

We also offer the hybrid modality on selected programs. This requires students to occasionally attend class at the SDGKU campus.

Please make sure to speak to an admissions representative for specific hybrid class requirements and schedules.